Useless Blog #4

This was supposed to be my grand comeback to my millions thousands hundreds dozens maybe one reader where I would teach them the ways of Elm and functional programming in the browser from atop my glorious Mountain of Enlightenment in a blog post that would teach them how to make the Eye of Doom!!!!!! (which is just this SVG drawing that looks more like a sunny side up egg than an eye, that follows your mouse around). But I couldn’t write that post in good faith if I couldn’t explain stuff in a way that would make sense to someone new. I think I understand Elm’s concepts but for some stuff I couldn’t put it into the right words that would explain my understanding properly, which just means I don’t have a firm understanding of it yet. So I shelved that blog post and you get this one instead (yaaay!!??).

Maybe one day I’ll understand it well enough to find the right words for that blog post. Until then, here’s the source code if you want to look.