Useless Blog #1

Oh hey. You’re back. I didn’t think you’d write another post.

Yeah, well, I said I would, didn’t I? So here I am. But it’s not like I have anything interesting to say though. I thought I would learn enough in two days to write something interesting. But the most interesting thing I did that I have any coherent thoughts about is that I shaved my head.

Sigh I want to write but at the same time I don’t want to fill this blog up with rambling crap (unless its entertaining crap). On the bright side, Christmas is only 25 days away (woo!). But college starts the day after (boo!).

I had planned that this blog would be more of a stream of consciousness thing but that doesn’t work really well if your stream of consciousness isn’t very interesting. So for the next blog I’ll least get a topic knocking around in my head before I sit down and write something. Hey, I’m actually starting to get ideas as I type this.

So are you going to rewrite this post?

No. I’m lazy. And this post isn’t that bad. I’ll leave it here. Like, y’know, legacy code!

But legacy code is generally not a good thing.

And you’re an imaginary rubber duck constructed and maintained by my mind to serve as foil to me while having no free will of your own. So I guess we’re both unhappy.

Oh fuck you.

Tune in next time for a proper technical blog post and more witty banter between me and an imaginary construct!